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The interaction between the teacher and students is strong and two-way, which is also monitored technologically for further improvement.
The student is encouraged to ask doubts/questions unlike in a crowded classroom. And the student is much comfortable in asking his/her doubts on iwish than anywhere else, as teachers instill questioning skills along with imparting theoretical knowledge.
Enhanced engagement between student and teacher on iWish guarantees better understanding and recall for the student; unlike in a classroom where teacher-student engagement is difficult to measure.

And of course, the student is learning from the comfort of his/her own home – Learning happens best when the student’s mind is relaxed!

We Believe

Every session conducted on iWish is highly personalized, the pedagogy and lesson plans of the teachers are tailor-made to meet the need of students. Moreover, the pace of the lecture is governed by the grasping capabilities of the student.

That is the biggest strength of iWish concepts!

From the Headquarters

Kaawish Shadab

Founder/ CEO

Madhu Kumar Uppaluru

Co-Founder / Director


Sachin Arora


Pallav Pandey


Saurav Jindal